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A Study Of . . . Niagara Falls / American Falls, #006

#006 american falls entertaining the tourists

Hustle-and-bustle:  The tranquility of the previous picture is completely replaced by the constant motion of tourism, seen here in 3 different modes:  The Walkers (in the foreground and background), The Riders (in their cars), and The True Sight-Seers (in the surry-with-the-fringe-on-top).  Edsen speaks:  "I notice two very interesting items in this picture.  The first is the green and white 1959 Chevrolet Parkwood Station Wagon, a subset of the Impala family.  The '59s had strange cats-eyes taillights that could sometimes annoy the be-jeebs out of me if I got behind one at night on a dark stretch of country road.  The second is the trend-setting Tee-pee hat worn by not one, but two of the Walkers in the foreground."

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