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A Study Of . . . Railroad Engines / Nickel Plate Road Mikado #587; pic 20

pic 20: nickel plate road #587

Full caption reads:  Nickel Plate Mikado #587 is seen traveling northbound through Sedalia IN on former Pennsylvania RR track. The train consists mostly of former Santa Fe stainless steel passenger cars on its 160 mile round trip from Indianapolis to Logansport. #587 was built by Baldwin in Sep 1918 for the Lake Erie & Western as their class H60 #5541. In 1924, the LE&W became part of the Nickel Plate System and the Mikado was renumbered to #587. 1955 saw the locomotive placed on display in a park in Indianapolis. In the early 1980's, serious thought began on restoring the 2-8-2 for operation. After six years of planning and hard work, the 587 is again an active locomotive. As nice as the Berkshires are, it is a pleasure to see a different Nickel Plate steam locomotive travel through the countryside.  (Photo by James Semon)

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