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A Study Of . . . Washington NJ / Washington Star Newspaper Building, #063

#063 washington star newspaper building

Washington Star Newspaper Building, E. Washington Ave, circa 1909:  This building was erected by Charles L. Stryker, then editor and proprietor of the newspaper. Groundbreaking for the structure was in July of 1900, and the Star took possession in early Spring of 1901, although they alerted the public to their new quarters via much fanfare in a special December 1900 holiday edition. The architect was Joseph Bell DeRemer of Washington, who also supervised the construction. The Star was previously published from an office on Broad St. until it moved here, staying until 1934, when it relocated to W. Church St.  After the Star moved out, this building was occupied by a tavern called the Star Grill, and then Paul's Tavern. On December 28, 1958, it was destroyed by fire, and all that remains today is . . . nothing.  No structure was ever built to replace it, and the site is now an alleyway, right next to Flowers By Theo.

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