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A Study Of . . . Washington NJ / St Cloud Hotel, #005

#005 st cloud hotel

You've got your head in the clouds.  This finely detailed picture (which is actually a photo postcard, and is razor-sharp under an eye loupe) gives us an informative glimpse of our past. At the right is the old Pittenger house, which at the time of this pic, was unoccupied, according to a sign nailed to the porch post that reads, "This House For Rent. Inquire Cornish Co." In the center is the St Cloud Hotel, and the sign out front identifies H C Webster as the proprietor, dating this pic between April 1905 & May 1907. A lady shakes her dust cloth from a third story window, while two gentlemen and a young lad assume nonchalant poses by the porch. Further down the street, on the site of the present [Midlantic National Bank?], stands a wood-frame house and a small barn-type structure. Next stands the [Willever building?], which, at the time of this picture, was the Electric Light Company, and is now the [Family Guidance Center of Warren County?].  (Caption by Thomas Allen Kelley)

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