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A Study Of . . . Washington NJ / Residence Of Mayor Charles B Smith, #005

#005 residence of mayor charles b smith

Shades of the Addams Family.  This is the residence of Charles B Smith, who was mayor of Washington for two terms. That's probably him proudly standing in the yard on the right side of the house, in front of the bay window, and seeing him there emphasizes the immensity of this building. The house was built approximately 1874 by Jacob W Cole, and changed hands five times. One of the later owners was Dr W H Varney, hence, it was known for a while as the Varney Mansion. In later years, it served as the home for the Washington Clinic, until they built a new building on the west side of town, on Brass Castle Rd. After a history of over 100 years, time ran out for this venerable old house when, in 1978, the borough bought and obliterated it in order to make way for the emergency squad building. This picture, and those of other houses in town, show that Washington had quite a personality in those days. To the right of this house sat the Hotel Windsor, and to the right of the Windsor was E Church St, and then the Christine House. To the right of the Christine was another fancy house surrounded by an elegant wrought-iron fence, and when these structures were all intact, a stroll through this section of town was quite a pleasure.

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