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A Study Of . . . Washington NJ / Cobblestone House, #016

#016 cobblestone house, color (1998)

New and improved, yet same ol', same ol'.  Compare this view to that of the house in earlier times (picture #015), and the difference in the area is absolutely startling, but you'll see that the house itself remains unchanged. Of course, if you compare close enough, you will notice that the steps to the porch have been sturdied up a bit, and an attic vent cupola has been added to the crest of the roof. Oh yes, and the outhouse has been removed . . . This may well be the photographer's favorite house of any that is or was in town, because he has a history with it:  as a child, he lived on this street just outside the left border of this picture, and he was friends with the two boys who lived here. Among other things, they rode bikes in the driveway, they had a secret clubhouse under the front porch, they hid in the low branches of the huge fir tree that was in the front yard, they ate grapes off of the arbor archway in the back of the backyard, they swung on the rope that hung from the giant willow tree toward the middle of the backyard, and there are some vague memories of sleeping out in a pup tent. He was inside the place many times, and can still remember what it looked like - it was as grand inside as it is out, and in fact, there was a grand in the living room - a grand piano, complete with the lid propped open.  (Photo by Thomas Allen Kelley)

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