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A Study Of . . . Washington NJ / Railroad Station, Early 1982, #001

#017 railroad station, early 1982

So it's come to this.  The date is the early 1980's. Having sat idle since 1966, when passenger service for the borough was discontinued, the building has become progressively more ramshackle with each passing month, and is now, at 80 years old, a dilapidated, lonely recluse, being eaten alive by weeds and clinging vines, attacked by mindless vandals, and further diminished by the unforgiving cycle of the elements. Feeling that the station had become not only an eyesore, but dangerous to boot, Washington Borough officials asked Conrail, the owner of the station, to do something about it. Well, Conrail did something about it, alright, but their solution to the problem was not what the Washington officials had in mind: Conrail made arrangements to have the structure torn down.  (Photo and caption by Thomas Allen Kelley)

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