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A Study Of . . . Washington NJ / Railroad Station Demolition, Tue, Oct 12, 1982, #020

#020 washington nj railroad station demolition

Picture this, part 2.  One of the more interesting methods of capturing the final hours of the station was done by this local man, who lives directly across the street from the rail yard, and was especially sad to see the station taken away. He made a series of drawings of the various stages of the demise, and in this photo, we see him hunched over his artist's tablet, working on what turned out to be one of the best of the lot. This particular view offered a great diversity of angles and tableaus, and he captured it all. The photographer of this picture has been friends with the man for years, and as such was interested in seeing the final product, so after the destruction was completed, he stopped in for a visit at the man's house, and can report that the drawings were quite impressive!.  (Photo and caption by Thomas Allen Kelley)

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