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A Study Of . . . Washington NJ / Early 'Lower' Railroad Station, Circa 1895, #001

#001 'lower' wooden passenger station, circa 1895

Washington NJ's early 'lower' railroad station.  Circa 1895, showing the turntable. On the extreme left can be seen a portion of the covered platform for passengers going and returning from Hampton NJ. A portion of the wooden water tank can also be seen [peeking over the left of the station roof]. Railroad employees are, L to R, Tom Caton, John Hall, unidentified, Doc Gardner, unidentified, Benjamin Fritts, Peter Weller, Pard Kinnaman, and Samuel Ramsey. When work started on the new station around 1900, this wooden station was moved and joined onto the freight house, and continued in use as a station. After the opening of the new station on November 2, 1901, it was used as an extension to the freight house. The building burned in 1921, and was replaced with a modern brick freight house.  (Original photo by Percy Opdyke; copy given to Thomas Allen Kelley by Alvin Smith; caption by Alvin Smith)

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