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A Study Of . . . Washington NJ / New Brick 'Upper' Railroad Station, Circa 1901, #003

#003 new brick 'upper' railroad station, circa 1901

New Delaware, Lackawanna and Western [DL&W] Railroad Station at Washington NJ.  The construction of this building took place from May 8 to Oct. 3, 1901, and it opened to the public shortly after. It was actually the 4th (and last) depot in town. The 1st was a Lackawanna depot located where the Morris Canal crossed Belvidere Ave., near the site of the present Warren Lumber. Back in the 1850's & 60's, that section of town was known as Port Washington. Later, when the Morris & Essex RR laid track through Washington in the late 1860's, they put up the town's 2nd depot, at Railroad Ave., on what became known as the high line, as it was built on an embankment. Shortly after, the Lackawanna RR built another depot, also on Railroad Ave., and this became known as the 'lower' station, while the Morris & Essex depot up on the high line became known as the 'upper' station. When the brick depot in this picture was built, the lower station was moved and adjoined to the nearby freight house, while the upper station was dismantled, and this brick depot took on the moniker of upper station for just a short time; soon, however, the depot came to be called, simply, the station.  (Original photo by Charles Force; copy given to Thomas Allen Kelley by Alvin Smith; caption by Thomas Allen Kelley)

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