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A Study Of . . . Washington NJ / DL&W Crossing Survey Team, Circa 1916, #010

#010 dL&w crossing survey team, circa 1916

Who are these men??  Hired guns out on their next assignment? FBI agents doing some heavy-duty undercover work?? Members of the local chess club??? And who is that lad in the doorway . . . their press agent? As unbelievable as it may seem, none of this is true. The photo was taken at the railroad station in 1916, and these men work for the Lackawanna RR as members of the Crossing Survey Team. The youngster was most likely one of the many who hung out at the station and was lucky enough to be doing just that when the photographer arrived. In the background, we see a water tower and a storage building on the section that was known as the 'high line', which was the original line to Phillipsburg NJ, until a new one was built in 1901, when the railroad yard was redesigned. At that time, some of the old 'high line' was taken up, but some was retained for freight car storage.  (Original photo by DL&W Crossing Survey Team; copy given to Thomas Allen Kelley by Alvin Smith; caption by Thomas Allen Kelley)

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