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A Study Of . . . Washington NJ / Railroad Station, Early 1982, #017

#017 railroad station, early 1982

(Very nearly) The end of the line.  What was once a proud building commanding the center of Washington's thriving railroad district, is now, at 80 years old, a dilapidated, lonely recluse, being eaten alive by weeds and clinging vines, attacked by mindless vandals, and further diminished by the unforgiving cycle of the elements. Having no duties to perform, the building sits silently reliving its younger glory days, when it would greet hundreds of people every day, and the world was full of time. But time has, in fact, now grown alarmingly short for the octagenarian, and nothing short of a miracle could protect it from the sting of the wrecking ball. Sadly, no miracle will be forthcoming.  (For pics of the station's demise, see the "Passenger Station Demolition" Wing in the "Washington NJ" Gallery)  (Photo and caption by Thomas Allen Kelley)

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