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A Study Of . . . Washington NJ / Inside A Classroom At The School On Taylor St, #010-1

#010-1 inside a classroom of the school on taylor st

Class in class.  These students are probably all too happy to be facing away from the blackboard for a change, although by the somber look on some of their faces, you'd never know it. Bertha Ayers is the teacher of this 4th grade class at the school on Taylor St in 1912, and the students listed on the back of the photograph are, in no apparent order: Howard Beam, Harold Mattison, Elizabeth Nixon, Ethel Yates, Cora Wyckoff, Darryl Lanning, Joseph Holden, Orville Warman, Walter Price, Robert Lundy, Lyail Mayberry, Hilda Hoffman, Della Fox, Myrtle Wright, Elizabeth Black, William Fritts, Charles Bender, Vernon Geary, Budd Skinner, Harold Skeats, Mary Hahn, Mary Meiker, Charles Opdyke, Keith Mount, Florence Eagroff, John Miller, Pence Skinner, Jeanette Cowell, Edith Kinnaman, and Gladys Shields. CLASS DISMISSED!.  (Caption by Thomas Allen Kelley)

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