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A Study Of . . . Niagara Falls / Canadian Falls, #009

#009 terrapin point and horseshoe falls

Edsen speaks:  "I don't usually buy linen postcards, which are a type of card that has what is called a silk finish - the surface has a textured bumpiness (which you can even see here onscreen) and the coloring method gives the image more of a painted look rather than a photographic look; I find this to be distracting and false-looking. However, if the view has some special merit, I'll go for it.  What you see here is such a card: this is Terrapin Point, on Goat Island, when it was still under water. Today, the flow of the water has been stopped, and the Point is a landscaped grassy park-like area with paved walks which allow you to tiptoe right up to the brink of the Horseshoe. In the old days, the only way to get near the brink was from the end of this none-too-sturdy-looking footbridge. . .not for the weak of heart! And in the really old days, there was a 4-story stone lighthouse-type tower that offered a bit of a birds-eye view, if you dared." [note: pictures of that tower are in the Stereoview wing, and there is one in the Winter wing.]

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